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VIP advisory service

VIP advisory service

VIP advisory service for our clients

After Turkey became the focus of attention of investors from all over the world because of the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors and the diversity of investment fields, which led to investors facing a major problem in communication and research with the aim of establishing an economic study of the project, whether because of the language or because of the laws of the Turkish state.
Here comes the role of the Umm Al-Qura specialist team to provide you with the (VIP) consultant service. Thanks to the long-standing expert in all commercial and industrial fields, laws and everything related to work or residence in Turkey, we secure everything that the client needs without having to search and distract him from his primary goal.

Through the (VIP) consultant service, we offer the customer the following service

Coordination with the client before his arrival to Turkey
Preparing an action plan and a tour program according to his wishes
Preparing a preliminary study for the required project or field and sending it to the client
A personal escort for the client who speaks (Arabic – Turkish – English) fluently and performs simultaneous interpretation for the client during his visit to laboratories, establishments, official departments and hospitals.
Our specialized team is distinguished by following up the services after the client has left and keeping him informed of all developments
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