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Packaging materials

Packaging materials
  • Paper cups: Providing high-quality paper cups manufactured from German food inks and Finnish paper, with high-quality printers, various thicknesses of paper, for the two layers (double wall) in sizes 4-8-12-14-16 ounce offset printing. Sizes are 2.5-4-7-8-12-14-16-22-30 ounce single layer for cold and hot offset and flexo printing.

  • Boxes: Manufacturing all kinds of boxes with special printing for both food, regular and luxury (noodles, burger, sweets, pizza, food boxes, delivery boxes, boxes for clothes, various boxes)


  • Yogurt: manufacturing yogurt for various salads and soups with special printing, including lids for cold and hot foods

  • Paper products: Manufacturing all paper products with special printing under our supervision for both white and kraft or cardboard printed bags, wrapping and service paper, burger paper, table paper with special printing, and all other products upon request.

  • Plastic packages: multiple sources for many different types of boxes for salad boxes, microwave boxes, sauce boxes, ice cream boxes, sweets boxes, cake boxes, egg boxes, plastic cups, plastic cup lids, and many other designs.

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