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Logistics services

Logistics services

 Fast shipping: Express

At Umm Al-Qura Company we offer you fast shipping service from door to door within a period of 2 to 5 days with the largest express shipping companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT) and to all countries of the world at the best prices
Contact us to get the best offers now from Umm Al-Qura Company, Express Shipping Department

Land freight

No shipping process, whether the process is sea or air freight, cannot be completed without being completed with the land transport process, as it works alone or in an integrated manner with other operations as well.
Turkey is a major center between Europe, Asia and the Arab regions, and because of its international roads linking these regions.
Umm Al-Qura Company provides you with an integrated service from receiving your goods and providing packaging service in addition to what saves it from damage and damage, preparing the necessary papers to ship the goods and for the importer to clear them in his name without any obstacles.

 Air freight

It is the process by which commercial goods of high value, perishable or highly sensitive materials, or goods required to arrive quickly are transported to the country of the importer.
The air transport process must be done efficiently, smoothly and with great speed, which is what the Umm Al-Qura company provides you with its staff with extensive experience so that we work with all international airlines for various air freight services and to most countries of the world from receiving the goods in Turkey and shipping them to the airport of the importer’s country We also work to secure all the commercial papers required to clear the goods in your country.

Sea freight

Maritime transport is the lowest in its cost and its ability to transport large cargo, and due to the large presence of ships and their distribution throughout the world and the large number of ports, there is no place that cannot be reached.
There are a lot of commercial shipping containers with a capacity of 20, 40, 45 feet, cooled or dry, open or closed from the top. Turkey has a large number of important ports such as Mersin, Ambarli, Denizli, Ali Agha, and many others. Also, Umm Al-Qura Company contracts with the most important shipping companies to offer you the best price offers.

Door to door shipping

It is the shipping process that is based on delivering the goods to the customer’s warehouse after performing all the necessary procedures from shipping to clearance in the customer’s country, whether by air, sea or land.
We at Umm Al-Qura Company ship goods from door to door to many countries (European countries, Jordan, the Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, and many countries in the near future, God willing).

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