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Building materials

Building materials

Despite the slowdown in the global economy in the field of construction, with total expenditures of $ 9.58 trillion, Turkey maintained its ranking in second place among the 250 largest global contracting companies with 44 companies, completely behind China, the first with 76 companies. Turkey ranked eleventh in exporting building materials globally, with a value of $ 21.48 billion, compared with China, with a value of $ 213.6 billion. And because of the great growth in the building materials industries sector in Turkey, which led to a decrease in imports by 4 billion dollars to 6.8 billion dollars, with a weight of 51.6 million tons, for the year 2019. Some of the most important sources of building materials and the best companies in this field, including:

  • Water and shower faucets: There are many of us manufacturers of all kinds of showers and mixers, which are available in different types from copper core to solid iron core, which we can provide at the best prices.

  • Washbasins and bathroom sets: We provide you with modern and high-end models for bathrooms, including waterproof cabinets and washbasins with designs that meet your desires

  • Marble: There are different types of marble with high quality and beautiful shapes that we can provide to you in several types.

  • Ceramics: High-quality ceramics that are suitable for use in many places of bathrooms and even as floors for salons, reception halls and hotels.
    Wooden doors: Turkish doors with their high-end manufacture are available in many types, designs, insulation and fire-resistant materials (melanin, PVC, wood veneers, heat spray, laminates) that suit all tastes.
  • Electrical and lighting: Turkey is one of the most important manufacturers in lighting technologies and electrical materials. At Umm Al-Qura Company we provide you with a professional design service for lighting with one of the largest Turkish companies that manufacture your own product (some pictures of projects) and as for electrical materials from wires and electric cables to all Interior cladding, lighting and buttons supplies

  • Kitchens: You can order your kitchen woods with the best materials and many modern designs from Umm Al-Qura Company

  • PPR pipes: Turkey produces plastic pipes of various types and uses with many large factories. To get them at the best prices, what you have to do is contact us.

  • Insulation materials: multiple options for external or internal insulation materials from sound insulation materials, thermal insulators or noise insulators that are provided to you through the most important Turkish companies specialized in this field

  • Artificial grass fences and iron fences: There are several Turkish factories that manufacture artificial turf fences and iron fences with high quality, we will provide Umm Al-Qura company with these materials from the best sources

  • Candlestick boxes: The production of lighter boxes is available from its only source in Turkey, which is made of light, tough and heat-insulating polystyrene that are installed in the construction phase.

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